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Constant and Neverending Improvement

June 15th, 2016

For the next month I will be working hard on updating my art galleries to the latest and greatest artwork in my collection. It's a tedious, long process, so please bear with me.

If you click on a Gallery and there is nothing there, it just means what eventually will be in there will be better. If you click on an Image and it's not of high quality, that just means it will be replaced soon with a higher quality version or a different piece altogether.

Once again, if you see something you like but the colors are wrong, etc. let me know. It's possible I can change it up to what suits your decor OR custom create something similar. Thanks for stopping by!


May 5th, 2016

When opportunities arise, I always give them consideration. I do my homework and check to see if it is legitimate, worthwhile and beneficial. I have had the honor of being approached several times about feature articles on my work or interviews or collaborations. Most recently, I was contacted to be featured in the Woodlands Lifestyle & Homes magazine, a publication I didn't realize existed, but upon checking it out, found it to be quite informative and well done.

So I am now in the process of getting my information to them, some samples of my work, etc. and then, they will conduct a phone interview with me. This will keep me busy for the next few days, but it's exciting to know that my work is being noticed and to think of the new doors it might open for me.

While I was a member of the Conroe Art League, I was featured in an article in the local Conroe paper. Last December, I was asked to do a radio interview on the local Lone Star Community Radio station, which was the first time I had ever done a live interview. It went very well! Earlier this year, while working at the Conroe Gallery, a Realtor came in looking for artists to loan their pieces to a couple of model condos that are for sale. This was an opportunity that seemed a "win-win" situation to me, so I accepted that and took over several things for them to display there. Then I was recruited to collaborate with a clothing company using my designs on clothing. However, upon investigation, their setup was not agreeable to me. This latest opportunity came via my website, so I guess it is getting noticed!

All of this recent activity is encouraging and flattering and I know it will keep my creative juices flowing. My passion is creating unique art that I can share with people who appreciate it and enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it. So having opportunities come up to further promote myself and my work and allow people to discover it, makes me feel blessed and honored.

When opportunities come up for you, don't automatically dismiss them or think you can't handle it or that it won't do much. Give it a shot, give it your all and learn and grow from it! It won't always work out, but you'll be one step ahead of where you were and closer to attaining your goals and dreams!

Life is a Learning Process

April 21st, 2016

I set up a new webpage with FAA not too long ago and am still learning all of the finer points. But one big thing I just recently learned, which will cost me a lot of time and effort, is that the way I was sizing my photos wasn't always working to get the best quality for the size of art pieces people might want. I did a self check on a few with the magnifier and found that, even though the quality checked out fine on my computer before I loaded them, it didn't hold up when I did the check. I am now in the process of resizing and reloading many of the photos on my page to ensure that when you order from me, the product you get will be of the highest quality.

If you have recently viewed a photo that you wanted to order but the quality was not up to par, I apologize. I will inform you on my page when all of the photos have been fixed and are ready for ordering. Bear with me! It will be worth it.

I Wonder

April 2nd, 2016

I Wonder

I wonder... that's how a lot of my creations are born. When I first started getting serious about photography, I wondered what to do with all of the photos I had. I wanted to share them, not just have them in files on my computer. I decided to make cards with them. I played around with that for a while, then one day I thought to myself, "I wonder what they would look like with glitter on them? Would it soak in and ruin the photo or enhance it?" So I tested it out and was very pleased with the outcome! It really made the photos pop and the cards looked so pretty that I took some over to my neighbors house to get her opinion. She loved them too and encouraged me to join her art league.

When I was at the art league one day, an artist suggested printing my photos on transparent paper for my cards. I wondered how that would look. I printed a few small samples and liked the fact that with different colors of paper behind them, the same picture could look very different. I decided to make bigger ones,glitter them, put them in frames that were glass with no backing so that the color of the wall would show through, and dubbed them "Jewelry for the Walls". They sold well at my art displays.

Years ago, I thought writing would be my main endeavor, but then realized photography captured my interest even more. However, I didn't want to give up the writing I had done all my life, so I wondered... "how can I combine the two into something I can share?" I decided to put my poetry with my photos and make a book. I was very happy with the result, so I did a series of books.

One day I was shopping at a discount store and found a glass block frame, 5 x 7 in size, clear and shiny. I loved the look and feel of it and it was on sale, so I bought it. Then I wondered... "what if I printed my photos on transparent paper, glittered them, and put them in this freestanding frame? Would it look like stained glass? I bet it would look pretty with the sun shining through." So I set about experimenting with the right photos, subjects and whether to glitter or not. The end result is the accompanying picture. I put them in my windows or near a light to get the full effect. Luckily, I found a supplier with the exact same frame to get more!

Creating art makes me feel good, but it feels even better when I can share it with others and bring them joy. I love that they love it too. I wonder what I'll think of next?

New Theme

April 2nd, 2016

New Theme

In my last blog, I talked about how "wondering" leads me to come up with new art pieces. My last thought was, "I wonder what I will come up with next?"

Well, once again, I have been inspired by experimenting and have come up with a new theme to pursue. Country Western Pop Art! I think this is a good style for a Texas artist, would work well in the city of Austin where the motto is, "Keep Austin Weird!", or for any country western type area where the style is laid back and homey! It's fun, it can be colorful and it's original.

I've had a lot of fun working on these photos to create these pieces of art and have also learned new techniques in the process. This is what keeps my work so enjoyable to do! Constant and never-ending improvement is my goal, and this sometimes means taking older photos that I thought were pretty good back then and making them even better with the new techniques I have learned over the years. It's exciting to see the makeovers!

The general consensus among photographers or artists has always been that you need to develop a distinct style that will be recognizable immediately as yours, and that style would be the only type of art you do... However, when I am inspired, there is no way I am not going to followup on it and create the vision. My interests are many, my styles are constantly evolving, and bringing them to you is more about sharing those visions than becoming known for one special type of art.

So, there you go! You'll see a little bit of everything on my site! And if you don't see what you are looking for, just ask. A simple request has also generated inspired pieces for my clients!