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I set up a new webpage with FAA not too long ago and am still learning all of the finer points. But one big thing I just recently learned, which will cost me a lot of time and effort, is that the way I was sizing my photos wasn't always working to get the best quality for the size of art pieces people might want. I did a self check on a few with the magnifier and found that, even though the quality checked out fine on my computer before I loaded them, it didn't hold up when I did the check. I am now in the process of resizing and reloading many of the photos on my page to ensure that when you order from me, the product you get will be of the highest quality.

If you have recently viewed a photo that you wanted to order but the quality was not up to par, I apologize. I will inform you on my page when all of the photos have been fixed and are ready for ordering. Bear with me! It will be worth it.